Customer Loyalty Programs


Your customers and channel partners interact with multiple organisations on a day-to-day basis. They may show you loyalty today, but how do you secure and develop this relationship in the future?

Cultivating sustained loyalty is a process; it requires careful planning, structure and ongoing attention to ensure the best possible outcomes and ROI.

To reach your organisational goals you need to generate and maintain awareness, effectively reward existing loyalty and develop and strengthen new relationships. Most importantly, you need to drive the bottom line performance of all sales network and customers’ interactions.

Our clients engage Power2Motivate because we take the time to understand their individual requirements, whether they are customer loyalty, acquisition, sales force performance or motivation. Through effective incentives programs we specialise in bringing together the human, strategic and technological elements required to improve our clients’ profits and achieve a sustainable business advantage. We do this by bringing focus to, then rewarding the positive behaviours which they require in order to achieve their organisational goals.

We’ll work in partnership, developing winning strategies that keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Customers, channel partners and clients will genuinely desire to put you first because you’re actively helping them to achieve their own personal rewards goals. In turn you’ll drive bottom line performance, secure long-term loyalty and give your business a distinct advantage.

Incentive and customer loyalty program strategies include:customer loyalty

  • Incentivising and rewarding positive behavioural changes
  • Driving new customer acquisitions and growth
  • Retention and recognition of your current customers
  • Improving the performance of your channel relationships
  • Incentivising sales performance with clear metrics and reporting
  • Boosting brand awareness and knowledge for both sellers and customers
  • Focusing sales on specifically targeted areas of the business
  • Increasing ROI through better education and promotional activity

We can design unique solutions that include:

  • Sales Incentive programs
  • Trade / channel loyalty programs
  • Referral programs
  • Product training and educational programs
  • Dealer/Reseller incentive programs