Employee Recognition Programs


A wage alone is not a sufficient reward for good work. You need to engage your employees to motivate them, as well as encourage and recognise repetition of values, desired behaviours and displays of innovation. This is the key to impacting bottom-line performance within your organisation.

Today’s complex and changing workforce demands exciting and individualised approaches to recognition and rewards.  Truly motivated employees  are the most powerful weapon your organisation can have.

Create a program to  reinforce your company objectives through gamification and social media, sparking a culture of encouragement and celebration of what is meaningful, when it is relevant to your company.

Power2Motivate provides the enormous choice, flexibility and the rapid fulfilment your employees expect.  We blend revolutionary technology with the best rewards selection to deliver the powerful results your company needs. Effective reward programs will turn recognition into the cause of good work, rather than the response to it.

Reward and RecognitionStrategies include:

  • Recognising discretionary effort
  • Reinforcing the value, commitment and contribution of individuals
  • Strengthening relationships between individuals, team and departments
  • Connecting managers with their people
  • Profiling top performing employees to grow them into leaders
  • Using social media to forge connections beyond office walls
  • Promoting safe work practices

These strategies can be delivered through:

  • Peer Recognition
  • Spot Recognition
  • Years of Service
  • Employee referrals
  • Instant Recognition
  • eCards
  • Safety Recognition
  • Employee of the Week/Month/Year
  • Birthday/Special Occasion Awards