Sales Incentives


Exceeding targets and increasing the quality of your sales and customer service networks is reliant upon how engaged and motivated your teams are to achieve. Your top-performers need to be recognised and continuously motivated; whilst new or lower level performers need support, encouragement and structured development.

Achieving KPIs, increasing lead-referrals and maximizing cross-selling opportunities all help you to boost results and profit. Well planned performance incentives assist in creating positive behaviours, reinforcing  desired behaviours and driving motivation. Rewarding your sales team for the right behaviours, as well as their results, will make their motivation levels soar.

Time and time again it’s proven that cash only motivates people to a certain point. The opportunity to celebrate is limited as it becomes blurred with remuneration and expectation. Focusing on non-cash incentives which provide tangible rewards offers lasting impact, the opportunity to celebrate success and avoids any distortion of values.

Sales Incentive Program

Your Power2Motivate sales incentive program will be developed to focus on or create the specific behaviours which you require to enhance sales performance and achievement. Individuals will be motivated to set and achieve their own specific rewards goals. Clear metrics-based incentives, targeted campaigns, product training, knowledge development and online games are all tools we can utilise to achieve your business objectives.

Strategies include:

  • Retention of top-performers
  • Engagement and motivation of lower to mid performers
  • Clarity around milestones and KPIs with clear incentives for reaching them
  • Refining the quality of your sales processing
  • Developing product knowledge and sales skills
  • Business agility and rapid response to a competitive challenge
  • Consolidation of costs into one master budget or organised by department

These strategies can be delivered through:

  • Gamification
  • Campaign and promotion creation, tailored to your specifications
  • Simple set-up tools, easy upload processes for your data
  • Leader board creation
  • Progress reports including web tracking, stats, points issuance and redemption