NEC Australia provides a complete range of ICT solutions and services to enterprise, small business and government organisations. They deliver innovative solutions to help customers gain greater business value from their technology investments. 

The Challenge

Working with channel partners to service these customers, NEC had quarterly incentive programs in place to maintain relationships, drive engagement and sustain loyalty – but they weren’t achieving the behavioural shift the company was looking for. Engagement levels were low among those partners without the capacity to compete with major partners, and those larger partners weren’t motivated by the rewards on offer. On top of this, there was limited reporting and no ability to target key channel segments or drive tactical sales activities. 


NEC engaged Power2Motivate to replace their existing program with a more sophisticated platform and targeted approach. After reviewing the program scope and budget, we developed a customised, fully branded NEC web portal with a new program name – Activate Rewards – and provided training to key stakeholders.

To kick things off, we sent a welcome letter to members introducing and explaining the program – highlighting incentive promotions for extra points and key activities. We supported this with a tactical Spin to Win campaign in the first three months, using gamification to drive sales and engagement across the channel.

All members have an equal opportunity to win rewards regardless of their organisation size. The more sales members make, the more gaming tokens they earn. They can access an extensive global catalogue of rewards through the online portal, and exchange points for instant rewards or save up for bigger ticket items. 

To maintain momentum with the program, we also send out a personalised, monthly statement via email to show point balances.

The NEC leadership team and ‘Power Users’ have access to real-time reporting to track program ROI, and we send a fortnightly update email to keep everyone up to date. 


The platform is inclusive of over 140 partners and 650 members, regardless of size and spend, and can evolve as NEC’s needs change over time. 
A live newsfeed allows NEC to disseminate information and updates easily, and share success stories from across the network of partners. Participation rates noticeably increased – with login rates rising 55% and claims increasing by 228%. Active members rose from 650 to 800, with 24 new partner organisations signing up to the program. 

Built-in reporting tools and analytics also help NEC grow sales and develop stronger reseller relationships. Staff can collect up-to-date and accurate data about behaviour, end customer insights and sales activity to improve decision making. 

The program increases revenue and long-term loyalty from the reseller community. NEC channel account managers have access to full reporting on their partners’ activity so they can celebrate successes and strengthen relationships – helping to keep NEC top of mind and shift channel sales behaviours. Refine business strategy

NEC can now focus sales activity on key regions or areas of the business through targeted communications and promotional activity. Activate Rewards was so successful that the three month program was extended for a further two months, and NEC now have a full, long term partner incentive program in place. 

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