Novartis Animal Health (NAH) is a leader in developing new and better ways to prevent and treat diseases in pets, farm animals and farmed fish. With 2,600 employees across 40 countries, they wanted to provide staff with a consolidated employee engagement program instead of the three separate ones they were using. The new program also needed to recognise and celebrate outstanding employee contributions and provide a range of gifts to suit individual employee needs. 

The Challenge

Power2Motivate needed to ensure through objectives set, as a global company Novartis needed to reward employees regularly to foster a culture of collaboration. 


After attending an Incentive Show in 2007, NAH selected Power2Motivate to provide a single consistent solution to improve employee engagement. Our dedicated motivation coach worked with NAH to implement a three tier awards system that:

  • Had minimal upfront and ongoing costs.

  • Can be managed by HR with an annual budget and rewards line managers for monitoring the system.

  • Rewards employees with points they can use to redeem gifts from an extensive global online catalogue – everything from iPods and coffee machines to tents.

  • Helps promote recognition and celebrate achievements at every level of the organisation.

  • Makes nominations available to everyone, with approval required from the recipient’s manager.

  • Recognises outstanding employee efforts in real time with rewards up to $50 in value, and provides monthly reports on allocation and usage. 


Since launching, 87.9% of employees have used the system and 81.3% have nominated their peers. 3,776,294 points issued since the launch, with 95.4% of staff receiving an award. Employee satisfaction is up 17% (from the 2009 Global Employee Survey).
NAH even tested the effectiveness of the program internally and found that 69% of employees exposed to the new system performed at a higher level across a series of performance indicators than employees who were not part of the program.  

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