Stellar is an award winning, multi-channel customer contact centre specialist with offices in multiple cities across the globe. In 2010 they reviewed engagement with their reward and recognition system. They had a total of 2,200 potential participants and an annual rewards budget of $200,000.

The Challenge

Stellar wanted to standardise their recognition efforts across the business to create greater synergy between the company’s organisational values and those of the individual branches and employees. They also wanted to track the effectiveness of their rewards budget, and be able to reward employees for things like attendance, long service and adherence to company policies. 


We implemented a cloud-based, centralised solution. Designed to be available at all times of the day, employees can log into their account at any time from anywhere with an internet connection to check their points and exchange them for reward gifts. The custom site is designed in the company’s brand, and built to their specifications. Relevant permissions are in place to manage access, and users receive regular communication in the form of an onsite news feed and monthly statements. 



The highly available system allows the company’s head office to standardise their approach to rewarding employees across all branches.


Every office can share the same organisational values and the way in which they promote, reward and report on them.


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